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Most popular places in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland to which we take our customers are the following:

  • Ostrow Tumski and the Cathedral
  • Old Town Square and its vicinity
  • University of Wroclaw
  • Zoological Gardens
  • Centennial Hall and the Pergola
  • National Museum
  • Karpacz (Śnieżka)
  • Waterfall Szklarki (Szklarska Poręba)
  • Castle Ksiaz
  • Kolorowe Jeziorka
  • Klodzko (Fortress)
  • Church of Peace (Świdnica)
  • Project Riesse (Underground city)
  • Szczeliniec Wielki
  • Arado (Kamienna Góra)
  • Gross Rosen (labour camp)
  • Krakow (Auschwitz, Salt Mine)

Wroclaw Tour: Explore beauty of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is one from the most beautiful cities in Europe. It has been one of the most beautiful and important economic center in Poland. Wroclaw has been developing quickly so tourists can admire not only a plethora of renovated historical monuments, but also other amazing places, like the modern fountain – one of the biggest in Europe. Discover amazing Gothic and Baroque architecture of Wroclaw. Join Us and travel through past centuries visiting monuments, museums, modern places, green areas along the Odra River. Taste Polish cuisine in charming restaurants with stunning interiors. Visit Wroclaw and see why we chosen it as our place to live!

Main Attractions:

  • Old Town and Town Hall
  • Ostrów Tumski Island with Cathedral
  • National Museum (Raclawice Panorama)
  • Centennial Hall
  • Wroclaw Fountain
  • Wroclaw University
  • Wroclaw Zoo


Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 6h

Type of vehicle: 

  • Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 160EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 200EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 240EUR

Castle Książ & Underground City Osówka & Arado

Ksiaz Castle is one of the most glamorous castles in Poland called the Pearl of Lower Silesia! It is located at the rock stretching above the local woods. Breathtaking views and wonderful full of splendor chambers of the castle are simply unforgettable. At the next stage of tour we will take you to the Underground City Osówka, the last one, the main and the most extensive (although unfinished) headquarter of Adolf Hitler in Lower Silesia. If you are planning a holiday in the Sowie Mountains, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the remains of the mysterious last project of the Third Reich. Next we will take you to Arado underground facilities where Germans were working on long-range bomber. Inside you can view prototype of aircraft and great collection of original WWII armaments.

Main Attractions:

  • One of the most beautiful strongholds in Poland – the Ksiaz Castle
  • Beautiful hilly forested landscape
  • Breathing views in Sowie Mountains
  • Arado WW II armaments
  • The Unerground City Complex

Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 9h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 250EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers)  300EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 350EUR

Auschwitz- Birkenau & Wieliczka Salt Mine

Visit historical place and discover miner’s work and them secret’s

Each year Auschwitz – Birkenau is visited by million tourists from all over the world. It is the largest extermination camp built and operated by the Third Reich during World War II.

At the first stage of the trip, we will take you to the Auschwitz Museum in the former Nazi concentration camp.  You will see crematoriums, gas chambers, barracks and other buildings. The next stage of sightseeing will include  a visit to the Wieliczka. This extraordinary place will enchant you with its unique atmosphere. While exploring the place you will learn the mine history and its secrets. You will see underground saline lakes, statues carved in salt, and underground chapels.

Main Attractions:

  • the largest Nazi concentration camp
  • one of the oldest salt mines in Europe
  • unique underground pilgrim’s route
  • discover of a real mode of miner’s work
  • Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 10h


Type of vehicle:

Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 350EUR

Van (5-6 passengers) 400EUR

Multivan (7-8 passengers) 440EUR

Gross-Rosen Camp & Church of Peace

Visit historic labour camp and Unesco church

The concentration camp Gross-Rosen was established in August 1940 as asubcamp of the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. Its prisoners were destined for hard work in the local granite quarry which belonged to the SS DEST firm. Over 125 000 people were imprisoned here, and more than 40 000 of them died. Museum prepared a multimedia presentation showing the tragic fate of prisoners and realities of this dreary place. Next we will take you to Church of Peace, the largest timber framed religious building in Europe build in the mid-17th century.

Main Attraction:

  • Camp gate with two guardhouses
  • Film about history of the camp
  • Foundations of barracks and crematorium
  • Death wall-place of mass executions (today in this place are memorial plaques dedicated to victims of the camp)
  • Basement parts of baths, prisoners kitchen, loom and barrack
  • Wooden Church (UNESCO)


Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 7h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan (1-4 passengers) 200EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 240EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 280EUR

Fortress Klodzko & Szczeliniec Wielki

Extraordinary and famous polish fortress and stone mountains

Fortress Klodzko – admire the panorama of the city and mountains surrounding the Earth Kłodzka being Visitor County of the Sudetenland. The bravest are welcome to our underground labyrinths. There waiting for you to move over a kilometer from the several kilometer long network of underground walkways slope extending into battle fortress. It is a place shrouded in an aura of mystery , which collects a lot of historical events from the past and the various legends and stories. Next we will take you to Szczeliniec Wielki located in National Park of Table Mountains. After reaching the top you will see splendor view panorama of Sudety and beautiful nature around.

Main Attraction:

  • Scenic region
  • Biggest fortifield building in Europa
  • Table Mountains
  • Monuments of defensive architecture
  • 919 meters above the sea level
  • Panorama view of a valley


Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 8h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan (1-4 passengers) 240EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 280EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 310EUR

Castle Chojnik & Coloristic Lakes

Amazing nature and breathtaking view’s

The castle burnt down in 1675 when struck by lightning and since then it has been a ruin. The rocky hill it stands on is visited by masses of tourists who are attracted by the picturesque castle ruins. From the tower is a beautiful view over the area. Next we will take you to lakes hidden in forest hill, where you will explore 3 different colors of lakes, with the most beautiful at the top with lagoon color.

Main Attraction:

  • Scenic Karkonosze region
  • Castle ruins
  • View from the tower
  • Lagoon Lake in forest hill


Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 8h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 240EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 280EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 320EUR

Castle Bolkow & Waterfall Szklarki

Castle with hidden treasure and beauty of waterfall in forest mountains

Description: It was built in the 12th century by Bolko I, the duke of Jawor, in order to protect the trade route to the Czech lands and to Jelenia Góra. Later it was extended by the dukes of Świdnica. It was one of the biggest castles in Silesia. The younger, Renaissance part from the 16th century has a rarely seen wedge-shaped tower. Annual knight tournaments and archery competitions take place in the castle in summer. An impressive panorama of the surroundings.

Main Attractions:

  • Bolków castle museum
  • View from the Castle tower
  • Waterfall
  • Mountain region


Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 6h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 250EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 290EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers 320EUR

Bolesławiec Pottery & Castle Czocha

Bolesławiec famous pottery and Castle Tour

We invite you to the city known from handmade pottery, tradition is a second name of Boleslawiec. Every year City of Boleslawiec organize big exposition of pottery, at that time visitors can find a lot of attractions and cultural events. Next we will take you to Castle Czocha, which beginnings date from the 12th century. Through the ages it was ruled by the Piasts, Czechs, Saxons and Germans. It is picturesquely located on a high headland in the Kwisa River bend, at the foot of Lesniawskie Lake. There are numerous events and legends connected with the castle. Czocha attracts visitors most are rich collections of the museum and meticulously renovated castle interiors with numerous valuable expositions, such as the Armory where over one thousands of hunting and military weapons are displayed.

Main Attraction:

  • Castle Czocha
  • Legends of a Castle
  • Exhibitions and expositions
  • Capitol of Pottery
  • City Center of Boleslawiec
  • Beautiful mountainous region


Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 10h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 250EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 300EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 340EUR

Karpacz Śnieżka & Vang Church

One from the most beautiful pleace’s in Lover Silesia

Welcome to capitol of Lower Silesia ski region, with highest point of Karkonosze – Śnieżka, It is situated on the boarder of Czech republic and Poland and dominates among the Jelenia Góra Valley. At the next step of our Tour we will take you to the Vang Church, which is a 12th century wooden czurch, the structury of it was created without any nails. The interior of the church is surrounded by handmade sculptures and decorations. Next we will visit interactive museum of Karkonsze Hill’s.

Main Attraction:

  • Śnieżka Hill
  • Church made without nails
  • Gorgeous view’s
  • Ski region


Estimated time of sightseeing: 10h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 270EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 310EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 350EUR

Krakow Tour

Admire unforgettable City of Krakow – Former national capitol

For several hundred years the city was the Polish capital and the seat of Polish kings. The most famous attractions one may want to visit are: Wawel Royal Castle, Main Market Square and The Cloth Hall, Church Mariacki and Barbican.

Main Attractions:

  • Wawel Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral
  • Cloth Hall
  • Church Mariacki
  • Barbican
  • Main Market Square and Town Hall Tower
  • Kazimierz district


Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 10h

Type of vehicle:

  • Sedan  (1-4 passengers) 330EUR
  • Van (5-6 passengers) 370EUR
  • Multivan (7-8 passengers) 400EUR

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